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Light therapy

Treatments used in light therapyhave beneficial effects on the human body, with biostimulating, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory or thermal effects of various types of artificial sources

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  • MLS laser
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Light therapy



It uses a combination of low and high energy laser beams. Laser therapy in one step eliminates pain, inflammation, stimulates the restoration andhealing of damaged tissues; it is designed to treat post-traumatic conditions, tendon inflammation, joint and spine pain. It is also suitable for patients who have undergone the pulmonary form of COVID-19, where the MLS laser is applied to the lung area. Laser therapy improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the tissues andhelps eliminateinflammation.

Therapeutic effects:

  • Eliminates pain and inflammation
  • Stimulates the repair of damaged tissues
  • Treatment of post-traumatic conditions
  • Back and joint pain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves the condition of the body
2 - 25 min


Application of polarized light that stimulates regenerative and healing processes in the body.

Therapeutic effects:

  • Body recovery
  • Stimulating effects
10 min


Local application of infrared light which increases the body's defences.

Therapeutic effects:

  • Improving the immune system
  • Overheating of the body
  • Relaxing effect
10 min


It uses repetitive pulses of a narrow beam of monochromatic light. It contributes to tissue regeneration /cartilage, ligaments, scars/. Accelerates cell formation at the place of application.

Therapeutic effects:

  • Pain reduction
  • Regeneration of tissues, muscles
  • Accelerates cell formation
1 - 5 min


All-body application of infrared light on the client's body for local blood circulation and thermal treatment of pain points.

Therapeutic effects:

  • Pain reduction
  • Regeneration of tissues, muscles
  • Body relief
45 min
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