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Artists' Path

Make the most of your stay and relax in nature near our spa. If you decide to walk the Artists' Path, you will find surprising views and amazing vistas; it leads past the Choč Spa Hotel, Dependance Liptov and the Balneocentre. It is dedicated to well-known artists who have worked at Spa Lúčky.

If you walk along the path past the Choč Spa Hotel, you will reach a large meadow where a gazebo , which has become a dominant feature of the view.The gazebo is dedicated to Milan Michal Harminc, a famous architect who designed our Dependance Liptov. In the gazebo you can sit in and have a snack with a view of the Low Tatra Mountains, for example. Artistic benches are dedicated to Tadeáš Salvo, a well-known composer born in Lúčky, and Jožko Piťo, one of the most famous Slovak primates who regularly played in Lúčky and contributed to the development of Slovak folk music.

Relax in Nature

Recreational park

If you like to take walks and learn something, we have prepared a relaxation park with educational boards where you can sit and relax with a view of the surrounding forests.

The recreational park can be reached by an educational trail leading from AQUA-VITAL park. You will read interesting facts about the history of the area, but also about our Liptov nature. Our clients like to use this park for Nordic walking and cross-country skiing in winter.

Relax in Nature

Spa park

You don't have to go far to experience relaxation in nature and fresh air. Our spa park is perfect for short walks, sitting on a bench with a friend orromantic moments for a couple. Take a stroll around the spa area and experience the true spa atmosphere. In summer you can enjoy regular concerts in the music gazebo or practice yoga on the lawn. 



Do something for yourself and come to our Cardio Fitness Centre located in the Balenocentre building. You can find there different cardio machines such as exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills and a rowing machine, but also weight machines that will help you exercise your muscles and get you in the right shape.

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Additional services

You can find almost everything here. Fancy a change? Visit the hairdresser´s directly in Dependance Barbora where you can also find cosmetics, manicure and pedicure.

In the spa area there is a sports park where you can play tennis or go bowling. (More information)

And if you fancy a pizza, visit the spa hall where it will be served to you at Pizzeria OLIVIERO. (Facebook - Pizzeria Oliviero)

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