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SPA LÚČKY is situated in a mountain valley, open to the south, below the Choč hillside, on the border of the Orava and Liptov regions, at an altitude of 621 m. It is located 14 km northeast of Ružomberok, 280 km far from the capital city of Bratislava on the route Bratislava - Žilina - Košice. The spa is located in a quiet mountain environment and is suitable for all those who want to take a break from their everyday busy life.

Spa treatment in Lúčky is one of the most effective treatment methods. The essence of all balneological methods lies in a non-specific, general effect on the overall condition of the client which plays a positive role in the healing process, especially by realigning the vegetative functions of the body.

From 1950, the spa specialised only in the treatment of women's and oncological diseases, but in 2005 it returned to the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. In 2008, treatment of occupational diseases was added to the previouslytreated indications. In the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, the spa also has suitable conditions forthe prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. The spa also treats diseases of the digestive tract, metabolic disorders and diseases of the internal secretion glands, non-tuberculous respiratory diseases. Mineral water from the HGL-3 and BJ-101 (Valentína) springs is used in all pools and separate baths. It is also suitable for drinking and is open not only to guests but also to the general public.

A gynaecological outpatient clinic is available for the general public on weekdays.

Clients can stay in accommodation facilities of different categories, namely in suites and rooms inChoč Spa Hotel,KUBO Spa Hotel, Dependance Adam***,Barbora***, Cyril***Diana ***, Liptov***andDependance Maja***, DependanceLiptov*** was completely renovated in 2013; a new wellness area was added there - a salt cave, both wet and dry, a jacuzzi with salt water prepared from sea salt, a Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna and a cold plunge tub.

In 2008, the spa built a year-round open AQUA - VITAL PARK which includes a sitting pool with healing thermal mineral water with a temperature of 36 °C - 38 °C, a recreational pool with a water temperature of 28 °C - 32 °C with various attractions (air seats, counter-current, air loungers, water bowl, massage jets, water spouts, underwater lighting) and a sauna world (Finnish sauna, mint sauna, Roman steam bath, Kneipp bath and tepidarium). There is also a divided indoor mineral healing pool with a water temperature of 33 - 35 °C. In the summer season AQUA - VITAL Park operates a Fresh bar with a wide range of food and drinks.

At the beginning of 2019, complete renovation was carried out in the BALNEOCENTRE where therapeutical treatments are provided and where you will also find the Vital Café, Cardio Fitness Centre and the treatments sale and scheduling office.

The spa is suitable for people of all age categories, offering various types of stays - therapeutic, therapeutic-preventive, weekend, senior, women's and men's programs, tourist stays, stays focused on the treatment of osteoporosis, New Year's Eve, and Easter stays.

The company's management tries to adapt its offer to the requirements of its customers and prepares various special offers to increase their interest.


By increasing the quality of the services provided each year, the spa manages to attract an increasing number of customers because the saying

"the best advertisement is a satisfied client” is true everywhere in the world.

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