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Spa treatment A

Spa treatment A

Do you have a long-term health problem? You may also be entitled to spa treatment. Ask your doctor.

Stay price from
from €8/night
Valid until 31 May 2024.
Indications we treat:

I.Oncological diseases (I/I)

III.Diseases of the digestive system (III/3, III/5, III/8,III/11)

IV.Diseases affecting metabolism and endocrine disorders ( IV/4)

V. Non-tuberculous diseases of the respiratory tract (V/2, V/4, V/8, V/7)

VI. Nervous diseases (VI/1, VI/4, VI/5, VI/8, VI/7)

VII.Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (VII/2; VII/4; VII/10; VII/11)

XI.Women's diseases (XI/3)

Charges not reimbursed by the health insurance company that you pay when you come for spa treatment A:


  • €1.70/night - statutory surcharge according to Act No. 577/2004 Coll.
    Persons exempted from this fee:
    any person in a state of material need who proves with a certificate that he/she receives the material need allowance also at the time of
    treatment (the certificate must not be older than 2 weeks). Such person pays the fee only for the first three days of the spa
    any person who has a silver, gold or diamond Janský plaque award and presents
    the appropriate identification document. Such person pays the fee only for the first three days of spa treatment.
  • accommodation tax according to the current regulation
  • €10 - fee for each date change
  • Extra charges for a room occupied by a single person: Choč, Kubo, Liptov:€30/night, Dependance
    Adam, Cyril, Diana, Maja:20€/night.
  • Extra charge for a suite is €30 person/night
  • Extra charge for special requests (specific category of accommodation, room, floor, orientation
    room, balcony....) to the price of the stay €50.
  Price list valid until 30 September 2024.
Choč Spa Hotel, Dependance Liptov 15€

KUBO Spa Hotel, Dependance Cyril and Diana

Dependacne Adam a Maja 8€
DISCOUNT of 50% for clients who show proof of receiving a material need allowance.The document cannot be older than 14 days.
What shall I do if I want to come to the spa?

In order to get a spa treatment, you need a written proposal.

A proposal for spa treatment may be written by your general practitioner or a specialist (orthopaedist, gynaecologist, oncologist, FBLR rehabilitation doctor) on the basis of your verbal request. The written proposal must be delivered to the health insurance company which will then send its statement on the approval or disapproval of spa care. If a client wants to be sent to a specific spa, he/she must request that from the health insurance company when submitting the proposal. Otherwise, the spa will be determined for the client by the health insurance company.

The length of the stay is 21 or 28 days. It is possible to coordinate the arrival dates of your family members or your friends even in different indication groups.

  • bathrobe in the room
  • access to the outdoor pools for 1 hour 5 times a week from Monday to Friday
    except for bank holidays
I want more information regarding spa treatments:

044/43 75 657 - weekdays from 07:00 to 15:30

044/43 75 580 - weekdays from 07:00 to 15:30

I want to make an appointment for outpatient treatment:

Orders for spa outpatient treatment for clients without accommodation at SPA LÚČKY +421 907 799 552

For outpatient spa treatment, the health insurance company pays for the patient's medical care andmedical treatments that the client attends daily (except Sundays and bank holidays). The client must request approval for outpatient spa care when submitting the proposal to the health insurance company.  For outpatient spa treatment you need to make an appointment at the Health Department on weekdays from Monday to Friday.

What should I bring?

When arriving for spa treatment, please present the following at the reception desk:

- ID card

- insurance card

Don't forget to bring

- a certificate from your general practitioner statingthat you can undergo spa treatment (it cannot be older than 14 days),

- exercise clothes, sports shoes, 2 sets of swimsuits,

- medical devices and any medicines you are taking,

- in the case of more serious illnesses, it is advisable to bring your medical records.

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